Preparations are already underway for the next student directory to be distributed in the fall. We must have your permission to include personal information – address, phone, etc. (The school administration may not share your information with the PTA.)  The PTA also uses the email addresses you submit for the directory to send you the weekly JES PTA email blasts and other communications.

If you are new to Jacksonville ES, were not listed in last year’s directory, or your directory information has changed, and you wish to be included, please send an email to:

Kristen Connor at jesdirectory@gmail.com with the words “INCLUDE in JES Directory” in the subject line and submit the following information:

  1. Child’s (or Children’s) name (s)
  2. Grade (s)
  3. Phone number (only one phone number per address can be listed)
  4. Parent/guardian names
  5. Address(es) (If student lives at more than one address, both can be included. If two different addresses are used by student, then additional/corresponding phone number & email can also be included.)
  6. Email Address (only one email can be listed per household)

Should you prefer NOT to have your personal information listed or wish to be removed from the directory, simply email Kristen Connor at jesdirectory@gmail.com with the word EXCLUDE from directory in the subject line. List your child’s first and last name and grade/class in the message and your child’s name only will appear in the class/student lists.

By requesting “INCLUDE”, you will be automatically included in the directory every year until your child leaves Jacksonville Elementary, unless you specifically request to be removed.  If your information changes during the school year, please remember to notify the PTA at jesdirectory@gmail.com.  The publication of the directory is sponsored by the PTA, not JES, so all requests must be made by contacting Kristen Connor atjesdirectory@gmail.com. If you do not have internet access, you can communicate in hard copy by sending a note to Kristen Connor’s attention, via the PTA at JES. You can either mail this to the school, or you can send in a note with your child.

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