Outreach Programs at JES

The Outreach Committee at JES works to provide goods collections and hands-on projects that will demonstrate to students the value of giving back to their community. Through Outreach, students can experience the excitement of learning they can make a difference in their world. We will be organizing various drives and “Kids Clubs” to benefit local organizations. Through your generous donations of time and goods, we are able to improve the lives of those in need. We will be supporting several local groups including:

  • Beans & Bread
  • Defenders of Animal Rights
  • Hawthorne Elementary School (other local elementary schools)
  • Hereford Food Bank.

This year we will offer several “Kids Clubs”: packing Thanksgiving food bags, creating bookmarks, and painting mugs. These projects allow students to personally give back to the community. “Spotlight on Kindness” will take place through out the year, placing an emphasis on being Kind every day. Please remember whether you participate in one of our activities or all, you are making a difference in someone’s life! Our Committee is always searching for projects that will allow to students to be involved in giving back to their community and welcomes all suggestions for potential service projects.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ~Aesop.

Below is the schedule of Outreach Drives for the year. Please mark the dates on your calendars and remember every little item helps, just do what you can:

  • August 22- September 2, 2016 School Supply Drive, Hawthorne ES
  • October 3 – October 17, 2016 Coats, Boots and Sweaters, Hawthorne ES
  • October 3 – October 17, 2016 Halloween Costume Drive, Hawthorne ES
  • November 1-3, 2016 Halloween Candy Drive, Dulaney Key Club
  • November 2- November 21, 2016 Thanksgiving Food Drive, Hawthorne & JES
  • November 23- December 16, 2016 Holiday Present Drive, Hawthorne, and Hereford
  • November 23- December 16, 2016 Food Bank
  • November 28- December 16, 2016 Mitten, Hat and Sock Tree, Hawthorne ES, Hereford
  • November 28- December 16, 2016 Food Bank

These dates are subject to change:

  • January 20- February 5, 2017 Book Drive, Hawthorne ES, Area Elementary Schools
  • January 20- February 5, 2017 Bookmark Kids Club
  • February 29-March 4, 2017 Believe Big Kids Club
  • March 7- March 18, 2017 Toiletry Drive, Hereford Food Bank
  • March 7- March 18, 2017 Project Fresh Start Kids Club


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