Green School

The Green School Committee partners with educators, community resources, and parents to teach our children to become responsible stewards of the earth through projects, events, and curricula below:

School Grounds

JES is proud to offer several green spaces for learning opportunities including The Meadow, The Kindness Garden, The Johnny and Riley Garden, The Kinder-Garden, and The Giving Tree Sanctuary. A few times a year educators, teachers, and kids come together to maintain the gardens by pulling invasive species; planting trees, plants and bushes; and general cleaning.


Many of our recycling programs bring money straight back to the kids for Green School curriculum, events, and special items. Ink Cartridges, Go-Go squeeze, and Capri-Sun containers do just that. Go-Go Squeeze and Capri-Sun containers are located in the Cafetorium, and Ink Cartridges are in the 2nd and 3rd grade hall. We also recycle markers, highlighters, expressos, and tape dispensers. With more to come for recycling this fall, we’re such to reduce our dependency on nonrenewable resources!

Trash Free Tuesdays and Waste Reduction

Help keep trash out of the landfill, forests, oceans, etc, by carrying your lunch and drinks in reusable containers. We highlight this every Tuesday, and offer a reusable JES logo bottle through Spirit Wear!

Green Club

This year for the first time in JES history we will be offering the Green Club to all grades. Activities will include: planting plants, decorating the hub showcase, upcycling crafts, planning for Earth Day events, collecting recyclables, and nature walks.

Earth Day (April 22nd) and National Recycling Day (November 15th)

For National Recycling Day, we will be having a special tennis shoe drive to benefit children in third world countries. Earth Day promises to be fun and educational, with help from the kids, and maybe a surprise from the community.

If the Earth is your passion and you’d like to get involved for the love of it and your kids, contact Kat Brayton at GO GREEN!

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