Green School

Help our school earn points!!!  JES recycles capri sun type pouches and gogo squeeze type pouches in the cafeteria.  We have bins labeled for the kids! The more we recycle, the more points we accrue for our school! Please remind your kids to place these items in their appropriate bins.  Volunteers:  contact Gail Overcash ( if you would like to help with this Terracycle program.


Trash Free Tuesdays

Join in the fun! On Tuesdays, we encourage students to bring a trash free lunch. Reusable containers are a great alternative to the Ziplocs we all use daily. Any reusable bag/container can be found almost anywhere including  Wegmans, Target, Safeway or online!

Did you know??

Last year the green club estimated that JES students throw away 88,000 ziploc bags EACH year! That’s about 44,000 boxes of Ziploc bags at a cost of $132,000!! We can drastically reduce what goes in the landfill and increase what stays in our wallets by using reusable containers at lunch.

We recycle some crazy stuff at JES

The following items are things JES recycles on a school-wide level:
Capri suns, gogo squeezes, crayola markers, scotch tape dispensers, glue sticks, cell phones and of course paper!!

Chairpersons: Gail Overcash & Chris Eary
Volunteer Opportunity: Assist green school faculty committee with various activities throughout the year.

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