Why Should I Donate?

The Jacksonville Elementary School PTA pays for: cultural learning assemblies, kindergarten tote bags, student agendas, sporting equipment, music and art supplies, after school clubs, hospitality, teacher appreciation events, community blood drives and outreach activities, 5th grade farewell, International Night, Spring Carnival and other events. In addition to grade specific and school wide items provided, every teacher is given a PTA budget to utilize for classroom extras. Aside from monetary support, the PTA provides volunteer support in the cafeteria, library, Carson Reading Room, and in classrooms. The list of items covered is long and comprehensive. We have an amazing network of helpful and generous families! Additionally, in the last several years we have been helping JES acquire technological teaching tools and computers, to bring JES into the technological age and ensure that our students have the access to the technology education they will need. In addition to other things we purchased Mimeo Interactive teaching systems for every classroom!

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